Road To Bali (1952)

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Director: Hal Walker

Starring: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope

PDL Rating: 3/5 (on a good scale)

Internet Archive download link:

Roger Corman cameo in Godfather Part II

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Hey, whaddya know. The master of crap, Roger Corman, responsible for 2 of the films in our collection so far and dozens more in the public domain, actually had a cameo in what is thought by many to be one of the greatest films of all time; many believe it is the greatest sequel of all time. He plays one of the senators in the trial scenes, and actually has a line: “Mr. Corleone, would you kindly identify for the committe the gentleman sitting to your left?”

No joke. That’s the guy behind Attack of the Giant Leeches acting in a Godfather movie.

Release date for the Plan 9 From Outer Space remake

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Some of you may be aware of the upcoming Plan 9 From Outer Space remake (simply titled Plan 9) which was either in development hell for years, or they released the teaser trailer waaaaaaay too early.

The film now has a set release date – January 1st 2013. This teaser trailer was released 8th September fucking 2009.

The movie is set to star Brian Krause, Matthew Ewald, and… wait… fucking James Rolfe will be in it!

If you want to stay updated on the film as we come closer to the release date, check out their news page.

Also be sure to check out the production company’s official YouTube page and their nice string of Plan 9-related videos:

You know, we read once that friggin’ Ryan Higa was going to be in it, but… that was most probably IMDb fucking up. I mean, these are the guys who said Will Ferrell of all people was going to be an executive producer of the upcoming AVGN movie. Poor James Rolfe, he seems to be a victim of the IMDb tabloids.

Artsy haiku (aka the most retarded thing we’re likely to post)

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Swedish wrestler

Staring at children’s arses.

No-one else around.


Hollywood Man (1976)

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Director: Jack Starrett

Starring: William Smith, Jennifer Billingsley

(Yes, this is actually public domain.)

Internet Archive download link:

Mamma Mia

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Here at Public Domain Library, we like to present you with bile from all walks of cinema. So far we’ve presented you with Z-Grade movies involving either Tor Johnson or some rather large crabs, and of course, a pretentious rant about that ever so glorious masterpiece, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Now we present you a movie which isn’t a B-Movie and (shock) isn’t avalibale in the Public Domain Archives…why? Because we’re indie tossers like that. (Yeah, we wear chinos and like The Smiths, get over it).

Mamma Mia is a movie of idiotic beauty, it is bad movie galore, and has Pierce Brosnan singing in such an ‘interesting’ manner that it sounds as if he’s been shoved in  a vaccuum cleaner filled with acid-induced cats, and of course, half a tonne of Cillit Bang…and arsenic.

Even Mark Kermode liked it, but then again, he’s a pretentious cock. Either way…here’s the link:

Anyway, some random information (which we so didn’t just copy and paste from…)

Director: Phyllida Lloyd

Starring: Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried

PDL rating: 5/5

[In case if you were wondering, the section about us wearing chinos and liking The Smiths was written with irony – we’re not that wanky]


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The Screaming Skull (1958)

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Director: Alex Nicol

Starring: John Hudson, Peggy Webber

Internet Archive download link:

Tor Johnson and tits

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Hey, did you know that The Beast of Yucca Flats has tits? You can totally see them on some DVD versions, or even some YouTube uploads (but you’d have to catch them, as they’re a bit short-lived). At the beginning of the movie there’s a completely pointless scene in which a girl dries herself with a towel for about 15 seconds before feeling the wrath of Tor Johnson’s beefy odour. In the uncut version, we get a few completely intentional glimpses of boobs. Here are a few stills of the irrelevant porn, but for your viewing pleasure… we’ve censored them.

Oh come on, think about it, those are 1961 tits. What good are they now? If you want to see the uncensored pictures there’s always this. And it’s also worth noting that the uncut version is up for download on the Internet Archive, though it does start more abruptly than the censored version for some reason.

Big question: why is the censored version the most common version? Sure, this is probably as exploitive as B-movies of its time went, but… is anyone really going to be traumatised by a few harmless seconds of boobs? Regardless, being the underground movie it is, it must have been inevitable from the start that barely anyone would watch it, and it’s never shown on TV nowadays or anything. Hell, classic noir The Third Man has about 10 seconds of highly sexualised boobs and no-one gave a crap about that. Sure, they weren’t in the foreground, but they were bigger and bouncier than their much tamer 1961 counterparts.

Support ‘Manos In HD!’

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Manos In HD is an underway project which is attempting to re-release the worst fucking film ever made… in full HD. When a lucky fan got ahold of the original workprint for the film, he was inspired to begin making a full restoration. He found interesting new things in the workprint not included on the crappy DVD version we usually get, including an outtake and even a new opening nobody before even knew existed.

To give you an idea of how bloody good this thing could be for Manos, take a dander at some of the scenes ripped straight from the workprint… these haven’t even been properly cleaned up yet.

If you want to support Manos In HD and what a groundbreaking event it could be for bad movie lovers, go buy some of the T-shirts at the Manos In HD store. I don’t care if you don’t find one that fits you. Fucking do it. For Torgo.